Alicia & Adam

October 27th, 2017


~ The Couple ~

How They Met

Alicia and Adam were both invited to play Dungeons & Dragons with friends. In the dorkiest of ways these two met but it would be a solid year before prospects of love would begin to show. Sunday after Sunday, Alicia and Adam met with their mutual friends and clocked many hours of play. Adam was stragically placed next to Alicia to be a barrier to keep game disagreements between she and others from escalating. Neither knew or even suspected that this seating arrangment would lead to a life long love.

After being a barricade for a while Adam noticed how much he enjoyed his spot at the table, next to this smart, pretty lady. He realized she was the reason he kept coming back week after week. As for Alicia she enjoyed sitting next to Adam. She acknowleged how quirky, smart, funny and cute he was. It wasn't until one night when they were watching Lewis Black together, when Adam put his arm around her that she realized he was potentially more than just a friend. After weeks of shameless flirting, the two finally became a couple on April 28th, 2008.

Alicia Fargnoli


Alicia is a student at Rhode Island College pursuing a dual degree in Management & Computer Information Systems. She works part time as a behavioral specialist at UCPRI. She grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island with her mother and younger brother.

Alicia enjoys spending time with her friends playing games of different varieties such as Pathfinder, Secret Hitler, Splatoon, and many more. When not busy with school work she is often found sewing or crocheting. She loves making things for people.

Alicia also likes Anime and Asian culture. She and Adam have watched many shows together over the years and have attended conventions together. Alicia also volunteers every summer at the biggest Anime con on the east coast called Otakon. She works the information desk where she enjoys helping and interacting with all the con goers.

Adam Sebzda


Adam is a computer automation engineer living in North Providence, Rhode Island. He grew up in the rural part of Coventry, Rhode Island where he lived with his parents and 2 younger siblings.

Adam enjoys playing board games with friends and has recently undertaken running Dungeons & Dragons games. Adam is currently attending Rhode Island College to finish a degree in Computer Science.

Adam likes to spend time programming websites and researching computer security and privacy issues. He is a regular attendee of the Providence Open Web Application Security Project group.